Audi A3 8L (1996-2003) Maintenance Workshop Repair Manual

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Document Index

1 Survey of engines
5 Diesel engines
7 Delivery Service
12 Audi A3 as of chassis number 8LYA 000 001
20 Oil Change Service
21 Inspection Service
26 Lights, electrical equipment, switches, displays and other driver-operated controls: Checking function
28 Windscreen wiper and washer system and headlight washer system: adjust washer jet settings and check function
28 Windscreen washer system: check washer jet settings and adjust if necessary
30 Headlight washer system: check washer jet settings
31 Wiper blades: check park position and check for damage
36 Electric window lifters: check positions
37 Air conditioner: check function, set temperature to 22 °C
37 Radio / Navigation System Plus (Chorus, Concert, Symphony): deactivate transport mode
43 Radio or Radio/Navigation System Plus: activate anti-theft coding by entering fixed code number
46 Self-diagnosis: Interrogate fault memory with V.A.G 1551 or VAS 5051
48 Dash panel insert: set language version
51 Service interval display: reset
58 Service display: resetting LongLife Service as of 2000 I (Y)
88 Service display: resetting Inspection Service (fixed interval) as of 2000 I (Y)
114 Door arresters and lock cylinders: lubricate
114 Bonnet release catch: lubricate
115 Sun roof: check function, clean guide rails and spray with lubricating spray
115 Telematics: renew the emergency backup battery
117 Battery: check electrolyte level and top up with distilled water if necessary
124 Battery: check no-load voltage before starting the engine for the first time (only applies to vehi-cles kept in stock for long periods)
125 Battery: Check security of battery cables.
127 Battery: Perform load test
131 Removing engine cover
134 Engine (from above and below) and engine compartment: visual check for leaks and damage
135 Windscreen / headlight washer system: top up fluid
136 Cooling system: check antifreeze and top up coolant if necessary
141 Air cleaner: clean housing and replace filter element
142 Noise insulation: remove
143 Spark plugs: replace
148 Hydraulic system: check for leaks, check fluid level and top up hydraulic fluid if necessary
150 Fuel filter: replace (TDI engines)
152 Dust and pollen filter: replace
153 Toothed belt for camshaft drive: Check for damage, measure width of toothed belt (TDI engines up to and including model year 1999 (X))
154 Toothed belt for camshaft drive: replace (TDI engines)
155 Ribbed belt: replace
155 Toothed belt: replace
155 Transport locks: remove locking elements for front suspension struts
157 Manual gearbox/final drive: check oil level and top up if necessary
159 Haldex clutch: change the oil
161 Haldex clutch: change oil filter
164 Final drive (automatic gearbox): check oil level and top up if necessary
166 Engine oil: drain or extract, change oil filter
169 Brake system: visual check for leaks and damage
171 Brake pads: check thickness
172 Undersea!: visual check for damage
172 Track rod ends: check play, attachment and protective boots
173 Tyres (incl. spare wheel): check condition and wear pattern
175 Tyres (incl. spare wheel): check and record tread depths
176 Tyres (incl. spare wheel): inflate to correct pressures
177 Factory-fitted winter tyres
178 Wheel bolts: tighten to specified torque